Dŵr is water free-flowing, unrestrained. Devoid of color and taste, yet bearer of life, indispensable and unstoppable. dŵr is a musical appreciation device, a record player which aims to relay only what is locked in the record grooves and, in the spirit of its namesake, enrich but not embellish.

Thinking “record playing is the acknowledgment of multitudes of miniature earthquakes traced by the playing stylus” leads to the pursuit of silence. dŵr uses a variety of materials to dispense unnecessary vibrations - a skeletal plinth built from local timber arranged in constrained layers, modulated self-damped aluminum supporting components and ceramic articulated joints. 

Perimeter belt-driven, dŵr utilizes a split platter, reaping the benefits of both high inertia for the main platter, and low mass in direct contact with the playing media, supported by a massive, singular bronze main bearing. A high-torque brushless DC motor tightly joined to a continuous open loop control computer rounds up the drive mechanism.

Designed locally. Built locally.