Tamara Zabaznoska

Tamara Zabaznoska`s body of art starts after she cleans her desk. She is in love with clear shapes, simplicity, functionality and order. She believes in extremes. Her airy-fairy side and musical background is the generator of ideas and her rational education at the Architectural University brings the ideas to life. After putting the first layer of paint and waiting for the medium density fireboard to dry she keeps a force field that repels her two cats and sticky-fingered toddlers.
The general idea for creating new shapes comes from her curiosity for new things mixed with the passion for traveling which was ignited when her mum showed her the oceans of the world. Her feet have been itchy ever since and luckily her way of life allows her the freedom to indulge her new experiences and travel lust.  
When she`s not nailing nails, drawing skopje secret stories or managing her small business, you can find her walking her two dogs, cycling and drinking beer. 
If you wish to contact her, you can do it through fb: Tam Ryn or instagram: stringscapes.